Photo by John Borys

Have you got the secret to sparkling tack, or maybe the best way to keep a white horse clean? Are you a sweeping superstar? USDF wants to hear from you! Leave us your best tips and tricks in the comments!


  1. I like to sprinkle the aisle with a watering can filled with water and a little pine-sol before sweeping. It keeps the dust down, and makes the barn smell good!

  2. I like doing major spring cleans, going room by room (and stall by stall) over the course of a week, then maintenance cleaning on rainy days when it’s too yucky to do much outside.
    I wipe everything down, dusting and knocking down cobwebs. Stall walls get a broom to them, and excessively dirty walls get a rag taken to them (especially where messy eaters slobber!). I also wipe down stall ledges and bars- once to get the crud off, then a second time with murphy’s oil so everything shines! The feed and storage rooms get scrubbed and organized- bins and labels are my friend! Brushes get a thorough soaking in bleach, tack gets scrubbed and sorted out (what to keep, give, trash or replace), blankets get cleaned and stored away.
    All the while, I listen to audiobooks or music- whichever fits my mood- to stay focused and motivated. If possible, I also get friends to help out and make it a cleaning party, motivating them with promises of pizza and adult beverages 😉

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