What is your horse’s favorite activity?

Artwork by Elizabeth Hendrix won first place in the 2017 USDF Arts Contest Adult Division.

Does he live for ride time, or does he cherish turnout in his paddock?  Would he hang out with his horse friends all day, or does he run to the gate to see you? Does he have a favorite toy he plays with? USDF wants to hear from you. Let us know your horse’s favorite activity in the comments.


  1. My 18 hand Dutch Warmblood Uno can’t function without his 13.1 hd pony/draft-cross pasture mate. He herds the pony Blake around from behind all day, and when feeling frisky, he’ll rear up and come down, nipping at Blake and start chasing him. When Blake is being ridden, you would think the world was ending to listen to Uno. Blake shares the attachment and calls for Uno when separated. Thankfully, once they’re being ridden, both focus fully on their rider!

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