5 Things to Add to Your Judges Briefcase or Tote


By Amanda Ciejko

Many times, show management will compile a kit of necessities for the judges and scribes who have to sit long hours in the judge’s box. This kit usually includes things like extra pens and pencils, clip boards, and a whistle. Here are five additional suggestions from the USDF Judges Checklist available on the USDF Education Library.

1. Personal items:

  • First aid kit, including medication you may need throughout the competition.
  • Hand warmers for cool mornings and rainy day shows.
  • Baby wipes, napkins, or tissues.
  • Bug repellant.
  • Hand sanitizer.

2. Packet of Post it notes

3. Personal copies of tests and diagrams

4. A timepiece with a second hand to time freestyles

5. A copy of the USDF Judge Checklist

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