Do You Have an Equestrian Hero?

Artwork by Raquel G. Frolich, winner in the 2017 USDF Arts Contest in the 15 & Under Division.

Without limitation to discipline or level, who is your equestrian hero or inspiration? USDF wants to hear from you!  Let us know in the comments below.


  1. My equestrian hero is my instructor, Karen Monks Reilly, of Kennett Square, PA. I have rarely met a harder working person at the barn or in her personal life with her family. She treats every horse in her care as if they were her own. She tries to accommodate every boarder as if she were that person. She is an extraordinary instructor and intuitive rider. It makes absolutely no difference if you have the fanciest warmblood or a grade horse, everyone receives the same dedication and commitment. She is all in for her students, and is at every show possible with them, no matter the level. She is currently prepping for the Grand Prix but will still let students try to get the “feel” on her amazing horse. She has a long list of accomplishments over the years. I have rarely seen someone who makes horses trust them almost immediately, but she is always fair with them, and they respond to it. She is truly one in a million, and I am grateful and honored to call her my friend.

  2. My equestrian hero’s are Kim and Yvonne Barteau. They are kind, knowledgeable, hard working and fun loving horsemen!! I trained with them for many years on different horses. I would lesson a couple days a week and couldn’t wait til my next one because I learned sooooo much. Hard work but fun. They are an amazing couple and I’m so glad I worked with them. They made me feel like family. Love them both♥️♥️♥️♥️

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