Did you ever have a time that you thought about giving up your equestrian dreams?

Artwork by Megan Borgeling entry in the 2015 USDF Arts Contest.

Did you ever have a time that you thought about giving up your equestrian dreams? Tell us what kept you motivated to keep going. USDF wants to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.


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    Moon Chasers Riding Center is at Earl Warren Showgrounds.
    19 August · Santa Barbara ·
    This picture of Weston and I popped up on my Facebook memories today. It was from a show at Earl Warren showgrounds one year ago. This was the worst show of my life. We had a horrible time and I was completely disgusted with Dressage. This picture tells it all. I’m trying to make up with him, yet I’m still very frustrated. His face is showing that I have not been his friend all weekend. This is the horse that I’ve had since he was a baby. I started him under saddle and have done all of his training. No one else has put any time on him, so what he is is all my doing, for better or for worse.
    After the show, I thought I would quit dressage. I took a several month break and just rode trails with Weston. @gail hoff convinced me to get back into training. I was skeptical, but I thought it was worth one more shot.
    The transformation has been huge. I have realized how much bad information I have been given, and how a lot of training out there takes shortcuts that end up slowing you down in the long run. We have started over from the beginning and everything has changed. Weston is no longer sour about working in the arena and riding him is so much easier. We are working together, not fighting each other.
    I find it interesting that on the day that these photos popped up on my Facebook memories to remind me of what a low spot we were in, that on the same day, I see that Gail has posted the progress she is making on publishing her first book.
    I would encourage everyone to get this book when it comes out. Look at your riding. Are you and your horse happy? It’s not supposed to be so hard to get the fancy stuff done. The hard part is getting the basics done and then the fancy stuff is easy.
    My goal when I started Dressage a few years ago, was to get my bronze on Weston before he retired. He is 19 now. I had given up after bombing second level at the show last year, even though we do have our qualifying scores at that level. I don’t feel that those scores are anything to be proud of, and we managed to get them with tension and confrontation. That was not the relationship I wanted with my horse. Now I’m pretty sure we are going to get there, and if we do, it will as a team. @ Earl Warren Showgrounds with Gail Hoff

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