The Sunshine Sport Horse Association Trophy – A USDF Perpetual Award


Every year at the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, year-end award winners, champions, and high-score recipients are presented with perpetual trophies commemorating their achievements. Even beyond the significance of the awards, many of these trophies incorporate stunning original pieces of equine art. Have you ever wondered who created these works, and where they came from? Let’s give these artists and their beautiful pieces their due.

A different sort of equine art adorns the large wooden plaque that goes to the annual Adequan®/USDF Highest-Scoring Materiale Champion. Artist Cynthia Wolfe created a bronze relief of a trotting dressage horse that sets off the Sunshine Sport Horse Association Trophy, which was donated to the USDF in 2007 by the Sunshine Sport Horse Association, a regional organization for sport-horse breeders in Florida.

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