1. Why should I still attend the 2020 Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships?

Are you kidding!? In addition to the prestige the regional championship program has always held, and the amazing prizes and prize money made available by the generous support of our sponsors, the regional championships are a showcase of the top competitors around the country and a can’t-miss event all on their own.

For 2020, the other reason to attend is that anyone who is eligible, based on placing at the regional championships or by wild card score, and completes the necessary steps to remain eligible, will be permitted to carryover their eligibility and compete in the 2021 US Dressage Finals!

2. Do I still need to submit a 2020 declaration?

YES! To maintain and carryover their eligibility to 2021 competitors must complete a 2020 declaration. However, unlike in previous years, declarations will remain open for ALL REGIONS throughout the entire 2020 regional championship season, with an exact end date to be determined. So, even if you have already competed at your regional championship, there is still time to declare, so don’t miss out! Declare now

3. How will I know if/when I need to submit a 2020 nomination?

After the end of the 2020 regional championship season, and the closing of the 2020 declarations, USDF will notify anyone still eligible with detailed instructions on how to complete the nomination process. Exact dates for this to occur have yet to be determined.

4. With a Junior/Young Rider division being added to the Finals in 2021, can juniors and young riders competing this year complete a declaration and nomination to carry forward to 2021?

NO. As approved, eligibility of juniors and young riders to qualify in a Junior/Young Rider division for the US Dressage Finals is not effective until the 2021 season. Any juniors or young riders who wish to carry forward any 2020 eligibility must do so in the Open division, as in previous years, and then would indeed have to follow the declaration and nominations guidelines set forth.

5. If I complete my 2020 declaration and nomination to carryover my eligibility to 2021, will I need to submit a 2021 declaration and/or nomination?

MAYBE. In order to utilize your carryover eligibility, no, an additional 2021 declaration and nomination will not be necessary. However, if you wish to qualify at a different level, in a different division, or in a different horse/rider combination during the 2021 season, a 2021 declaration and nomination would need to be completed based on 2021 eligibility requirements.

6. Why would I hold my horse back a level to compete in 2021?

Ultimately, this is a question each competitor must evaluate and answer for themselves. Regardless of 2020 carryover eligibility, those on an upward training plan still have the opportunity to qualify at their next level during the 2021 season, which would render the 2020 eligibility irrelevant. Some competitors may have plateaued in their journey through the levels, allowing them an extra year to continue training and perfecting their skills. And for those who potentially had the desire but not the ability to attend in 2020, they are allotted extra time to make any necessary arrangements to make the trip next year. In short, the carryover eligibility is designed to provide an additional opportunity to those impacted by the events of 2020, and to hopefully make the 2021 US Dressage Finals the most exciting, well-attended, and memorable one yet!

7. What am I going to do about the holiday shopping opportunities I’m missing out on?

Fear not! A full list of 2019 vendors and sponsors is still available on the US Dressage Finals website, with links to each of their individual sites. Holiday shopping is just a few clicks away!

8. How am I going to get my end of year dressage fix?

After seven amazing years of the US Dressage Finals, there are plenty of memories and moments to look back on and relive.  Coverage of last year’s and previous finals is available for OnDemand viewing on USEFNetwork, articles, official coverage, and annual recaps are accessible on YourDressage, and of course, you can bask in your fond memories with US Dressage Finals merchandise available in the USDF online store, much at greatly discounted prices…so don’t forget the clearance section!

9. How can I stay up-to-date on Finals information?

The primary source for information on the US Dressage Finals is the US Dressage Finals website. Additionally, make sure to have a current e-mail address on file with USDF and that you are opted in to receive competition/award related communications. (All communication preferences can be managed under “My Account” when logged into the USDF website.) And finally, make sure to follow us on our social media channels, and on YourDressage.

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