Meet the L Graduate – Diane Welcenbach


I work at a local aerospace firm full time in Information Technology – going on 36 years. I grew up in Wisconsin. I have organized/managed schooling show championships as well as recognized shows. I achieved California Dressage Society Horse of the Year Third Level in 1998 and USDF Third Level Region 7 Champion in 1998 on The Joker.

How long have you been involved in the sport?

I have been formally involved in the sport for about 25 years. Informally, I took lessons when I was young, and we would ride in pairs and do figures as a group.

How long have you been a USDF member?

I have been a USDF member since around 1995.

What made you decide to participate in the USDF L Education Program?

I wanted to continue my education by getting approval to enroll in the L Education Program.

How long did it take to complete the program, start to finish?

The program was completed in about two years.

Do you plan to further your dressage education and continue to apply what you learned in the program to become a licensed official?

Yes. I would like to pursue this.

Do you serve as a judge for schooling shows in your capacity as an L Graduate? If so, on average, how many per year?

Yes, I judge about 1-2 shows a year. I enjoy judging at Cal Poly in support of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) program.

What impact did the program have on your dressage knowledge?

I thought it was a fantastic program, expanding my knowledge in many areas.

Name three things you took away from the program that you think every rider should know.

#1. The basics the judge looks for.  #2. Be positive and encouraging.  #3 How the rider influences the horse.

Have you served in any other official capacity with USDF (council/committee member, council/committee chair, PM/GM delegate, board member/Regional Director, etc.)? Please describe.

No – However, I have participated on the board of California Dressage Society as Treasurer, Secretary, and Education Chair over the years.

Tell us about your horse(s).

Salerno – 12-year-old Oldenburg bay gelding with 4 white stockings. I have trained him to Third Level thus far. My goal is to do a musical freestyle with him.

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