Past USDF Arts Contest Winners – Photography Division


The annual USDF Arts Contest has always shown off the talents of our members. We take this opportunity to look back on several of the winners from past years. This week, we take a look at the Photography Division.

The deadline for this year’s contest is July 1. Don’t forget the grand prize winning entry will be used as the cover art for the USDF Member Guide. So, send in your photos and artwork today!

2010 Grand Prize: “Forward Perspective” by Kalie Beckers
2010 Adult first place: “Horses in the Mist” by Paige Schlicksup, Dunlap, IL
2010 Adult second place (tie): “Reflections” by Nancy Fino, Lancaster, PA
2010 Adult second place (tie): “Awaiting the Bell” by Tiffany Busch, Colorado Springs, CO
2010 Youth (16-21) first place:“Divinity” by Gwen Wojewodka, Mcmurray, PA
2010 Youth (15 and under) first place:“Buckles and Brass” by Allison Reed, Paducah, KY
2011 Grand Prize: “Architecture” by Lily Cole
2011 Adult first place: “Mirror” by Jodie Robbins
2011 Adult second place: “Best Friends” by Kay Geraghty
2011 Youth 16-21 first place: “Trust” by Hannah Walsh
2011 Youth 16-21 Second place: “Cadence” by Maria Filsinger
2011 Youth 15 and under first place: “Freedom” by Emily Howser
2011 Youth 15 and under Second place: “Keyanna, In Spite of the Rain” by Morgan Messersmith
2012 Adult first place: “Eye on the Judge” by Margaret Bjorkman
2012 Adult second place: “Dee Cee” by Bonnie Marentette Bendzans
2012 Youth 16-21 first place: “New Awakening” by Emily Austin
2012 Youth 16-21 second place: “Meadow Buttercups” by Victoria Holtsberg
2012 Youth 15 & Under first place: “Peace” by Katie Lang
2012 Youth 15 & Under second place: “Camouflage” by Katie Lang
2013 Adult first place: “Remedy” by Christina Fowler
2013 Adult second place: “Roubles” by Nicole Landreneau
2013 Youth 16-21 first place: “Sunrays” by Meghan Ann Elsik
2013 Youth 16-21 Second place: “Dressage Prospect” by Karisa Kroslack
2013 Youth 15 & Under first place: “Good Night Friend” by Emma Beckers
2013 Youth 15 & Under second place: “Fox Jeanne Roth Backyard 2012” by Cassidy Shepard
2014 Adult first place: “Nobility” by Anna Smolens
2014 Adult second place: “Hoof” by Carol von Michaelis
2014 Youth 16-21 first place: “Captivation” by Emily Austin
2014 Youth 16-21 second place: “Saturday Morning Boys” by Nellie Stallsmith
2015 Grand Prize: “Golden Wheat” by Emily Nordhues
2015 Adult first place: “Sitting at A” by Andrea Waxler Kaplan
2015 Adult second place: “A Day at the Spa” by Michele Dodge
2015 Youth 16-21 first place: “Diamond(s) Are a Girl’s Best Friend” by Caroline Cheval
2015 Youth 16-21 second place: “Equum Vitale” by Madison Chalfant
2015 Youth 15 & Under first place: “Little Man” by Claire Mullhollem
2015 Youth 15 & Under second place: “Snow Kissed” by Emily Nordhues
2016 Adult first place: Untitled by Emily Sorensen
2016 Adult second place: “Pep Talk” by Cheryl Pelly
2016 Youth 16-21 first place: “Dr. Sam Ultrasound” by Sarah Yoffe-Sharp
2016 Youth 16-21 second place: “Lumiére” by Marissa McKiernan
2016 Youth 15 & Under first place: “Reflection” by Daniella Tomaselli
2016 Youth 15 & Under second place: “Say ‘Cheese!” by Lauren Booth
2017 Adult first place: “Passage at A” by Lisa Dean
2017 Adult second place: “Getting Ready” by Andrea Waxler Kaplan
2017 Youth 16-21 first place: “Spartan Lowers Head” by Madeline Mortensen
2017 Youth 16-21 second place: Untitled by Caroline Cheval
2017 Youth 15 & Under first place: “Dandelion Wishers” by Sydney Bakker
2017 Youth 15 & Under second place: “Hello Down There” by Elizabeth Henson
2018 Grand Prize: “Varsity” by Jennifer Terp
2018 Adult first place: “Lusitano” by Jennifer Terp
2018 Adult second place: “Arabian Flexion” by Kristen Scotte
2018 Youth 16-21 first place: “Titleist – Title Holder” by Lauren Vega
2018 Youth 16-21 second place: “A Classic” by Raquel G. Frohlich
2018 Youth 15 & under first place: “Treat Hunting” by Jordan Osborne
2018 Youth 15 & under second place: “Peek-A-Boo” by Jordan Osborne
2019 Adult First Place: “Sunshine State Dressage” by Carmen Franco, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
2019 Adult second Place: “Morgan Moment” by Sylvia Brohawn, Laurel, DE
2019 Youth 16-21 First Place: “Evening Rides” by Hensley Moses, Norman, OK
2019 Youth 16-21 second Place: “Untitled” by Caroline Cheval, Boulder, CO
2019 Youth 15 & Under First Place: “After Spritz” by Sydney McHorse, Fort Mill, SC
2019 Youth 15 & Under second Place: “Framed Out Pony Nap” by Gianna Avery, Scarborough, ME
2020 Grand Prize: “Dapples” by Callie O’Connell, Wilmington, MA
2020 Adult first place: “Farrier Day” by Michele Dodge, Plymouth, CA
2020 Adult second Place: “Andorell’s Swish” by John Borys, Port Saint Lucie, FL
2020 Youth 16-21 First Place: “Golden Mare” by Raquel Frohlich, North Hollywood, CA
2020 Youth 16-21 second Place: “Together We Stand” by Olivia Gray, Barrington, IL
2020 Youth 15 & Under First Place: “Dressage in the Rockies” by Juliet Mendik, Castle Rock, CO

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