Meet the Instructor – Cindi Wylie


Cindi Wylie is a USDF FEI B Level Certified Instructor, USEF Licensed ‘R’ Dressage Judge currently enrolled in the USEF/USDF ‘S’ Dressage Judge Training Program, and a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist.  She is an active Grand Prix competitor and clinician, based out of her own Rosebrook Farm in Georgetown, MA.  As trainer/rider she has participated in many of the country’s top national championships, and between her students and herself have won many regional and national year-end awards. Cindi also currently serves as chair of the USDF Group Member Organization Committee and is an active Region 8 Participating Member Delegate to the USDF Board of Governors. Cindi is married to Steve Schubert, former USDF Treasurer, and has four children and three dogs.

How I got started in Dressage: Completely by accident! My parents were never fans of horses, so my grandfather used to sneak me out for lessons and trail rides when I was young.  When I was 16, my brother wanted to take lessons, so we went to the local riding school, which just happened to be a dressage barn.  I remember watching the beautiful horses dancing their way across the arena and knew this was something I wanted to learn to do!  At that farm I was privileged to ride with wonderful old school trainers such as Karl Mikolka and General Burton.  Once I had my driver’s license, it became very difficult for my parents to keep me out of the barn!

I wanted to get certified because: As an instructor I was always looking for opportunities for furthering my education.  This program did not disappoint as it’s provided me with many wonderful opportunities for both professional and personal growth.  I also felt that certified quality dressage instruction was (and is) important to the growth of our sport in the country.  Even though I’m very busy with my training program, I feel strongly about supporting the growth of dressage at the organizational level as well!  

What I learned in the process : In the beginning, I learned much about using the training scale to help format and organize my lessons, in a way that I became a much more effective teacher for my clients.  As time went on, I participated in many other offerings of the program, including lectures from noted experts and clinics, and learned things about biomechanics, sports psychology, and a wide variety of other topics that are offered as continuing education programs for instructors.

My horse: My current Grand Prix horse is Amado XXXV, a black PRE Stallion who was imported from Germany for a friend of mine.  He was competing M level at the time.  He had also participated in demonstrations with a Baroque Troup over there (Barock on Tour) and has performed all over Germany. When my friend passed away, she left him with me to train as my own.  In the short time since her passing, he has blossomed to become a truly fun Grand Prix horse.  I am looking forward to developing his freestyle and hope to compete him at the CDI level in the near future!

Training tip: Eyes from the ground are important for all of us at all levels!

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