The Group Member Organization (GMO) Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)

GMOS MAKE IT HAPPEN: At a USDF L program session with Axel Steiner (center) hosted by the California Dressage Society (USDF File Photo)

Volunteers are the backbone of dressage, and without their tireless work behind the scenes, competitions, clinics, and educational events wouldn’t be able to happen. In recognition of that, USDF has created the GMO Volunteer Incentive Program.

  1. The Group Member Organization (GMO) Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) is designed to recognize local volunteers at the national level.
  2. To receive GMO VIP recognition, you must have a USDF Group Membership.  To find a local GMO that you can get involved with, a complete list can be found on the USDF website.
  3. Volunteer hours do not expire, and can be carried over to the following year, allowing you to earn recognition as time allows you to volunteer.
  4. With four milestone levels based on hours volunteered, recognition varies from your name being listed on the USDF website to being featured on YourDressage.
  5. Recognition is easy to earn!  Simply track your volunteer hours on the GMO VIP Hour Log and submit the form to USDF once you reach a milestone.

Does your GMO have an army of regular volunteers? Encourage them to start tracking their hours to earn recognition!

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