Sponsor Spotlight: Great American Insurance Group

Photo by Chelsey Burris

What programs do you sponsor with USDF?

Great American Insurance Group is the title sponsor of the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Dressage Championships, the Official Equine Insurance Provider of USDF, and a Supporting Sponsor of the US Dressage Finals

Suzanne E. pictured with her mare Supergirl KS at the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Region 1 Championships in 2021. They were named Champion in Training Level AA and First Level Freestyle.

About this sponsor

Our Equine Mortality Division is one of the world’s leading providers of equine mortality insurance and related coverages through professional equine independent agents. Our underwriting staff is extremely knowledgeable of all breeds of horses used for racing, as well as all show and pleasure uses. Our in-house claims staff specializes in handling equine mortality and injury and losses.

Agribusiness® Equine Farm department has joined forces with the Equine Mortality specialty business unit for the title sponsorship of the Regional Championships of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF). USDF is a Lexington based organization with upwards of 30,000 members nationwide. Nearly 4,000 horse/rider combinations qualify for the regional championships each year.

Photo by Chelsey Burris

Why is sponsoring the Regional Championships and US Dressage Finals important to you?

Great American Insurance Group has been a sponsor for over a decade.

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Information about equine Insurance: equinemortality@afg.com
List of agents: Great American Insurance Group Agents
Website: http://www.myagritrust.com

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