A Look Back at the USDF Conventions

In Nebraska in 1973, Hardin Crawford, Arlene Rigdon, Chuck Grant, Migi Serrell, and Sally O’Connor join in a lively discussion

After the framework was put in place following the organizational meeting in February 1973, it was time to fill in the structure that would become USDF. The USDF’s inaugural business meeting was held in November 1973, once again in Linclon, with more than 50 participants representing 22 organizations. Stephen Schwartz, from California Dressage Society, became the first USDF president and Lazelle Knock who represented four East Coast clubs, was elected vice president.

Since then, USDF has held a convention for its members every year. USDF will meet this year in St. Louis, MO, November 30 – December 3, 2016. We take this opportunity to take a look back through the years.




Ravel, owned by Akiko Yamazaki (left), was the 2011 Adequan®/USDF Grand Prix Horse of the Year. With her are USDF president George Williams, rider Steffen Peters, and Luitpold Animal Health (makers of Adequan®) senior manager Allyn Mann.


2013 – The 40th Anniversary of USDF

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