Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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IDA Quiz Challenge Opens Doors

By Elizabeth Kness Since joining IDA in 2019, the world of collegiate dressage has opened a wealth of opportunities for me to build on my...

A Friesian for Finals

By Macy Clark If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be taking a Friesian to the US Dressage Finals...

A Dream Come T-RUE

By Jill Graf I am a Nurse Practitioner (NP) hospitalist and have been working, at times, 24/7 through Covid. I had a wonderful horse, Titan,...

Reclaiming Joy

By Sharielle Lawrence HS Wrosaletti, aka Rossi, is my 2010 Hungarian gelding that was gifted to me in 2017 as a complicated rehab case. His...

The Standardbred That Can Wear Any Bridle

By Helene Gregory I grew up in Sweden and my father owned trotters. I can still remember how I used to hang around the barn...

The White Horse I Didn’t Know I Needed

I hopped on, and suddenly found I didn't want to get off. It was over 100 degrees, and my student was reminding me that we were going to be late for our next appointment, and yet I found myself asking if I could hack this horse around the barn after we finished in the arena.

Janine Malone – 2022 Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame

0 Janine Malone was inducted into the Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame in 2022. She was honored at the Salute Gala & Annual Awards Banquet...

My Beautiful Golden Boy

Thank you, my kind, sensitive and beautiful Golden Boy, you are everything that a Lusitano is supposed to be. I feel so privileged to have had him become my friend, and tell everyone that "it's like going to the prom on the arm of the Homecoming King".

Laudable Lusitanos – Part III

We are celebrating the Lusitano as our February Breed of the Month on YourDressage! We recently asked our social media followers to share a photo...

My Spicy Marshmallow

A Region 8 rider shares how a ‘spicy marshmallow’ Lusitano, as she calls him, helped her aspiring judge dreams as she worked to become eligible for the USDF L Education Program. By Karry Brothers.
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10 Tips for Dressage Seat Equitation Riders

By Mike Osinski, USEF “S” and FEI Judge With the popularity of Dressage Seat Equitation, the numbers are rising in these classes across the country. Here are a few tips for riders to understand what the judges are looking for in an Equitation class.