USDF Continuing Education in Musical Freestyle Judging


The Continuing Education in Dressage Judging Program was developed by the USDF Judges Committee to provide continuing education opportunities, on a regional level, for USDF L Graduates and those enrolled in the USDF L Education Program. These programs are hosted on a regional level through a Group Member Organization (GMO), USDF region or other USDF approved organization. Grants for this USDF program are funded by The Dressage Foundation’s Edgar Hotz Judges’ Fund.

By Becky Brown

2023 USDF Continuing Education in Musical Freestyle with Joan Darnell ‘S’ Judge February 18, 2023 

For the 8th year in a row, the Dallas Dressage Club hosted the USDF Continuing Education in Musical Freestyle Seminar. This program is made possible with funding from The Dressage Foundation and the Edgar Hotz Judges Educational Fund. For registered judges, this program is required to certify them to judge freestyles in recognized shows. For L Graduates, it fulfills a year’s worth of continuing education credits. For everyone else, it is invaluable in understanding how freestyles are judged, and is a wealth of information on how to design a competitive freestyle! This year there were participants from Wisconsin, California, and Kansas. The program was completely updated with new slides and some new videos. There is a lot of information to pack into a seven hour session, but Joan Darnell does an excellent job of explaining and answering all questions on this complicated subject. It was a lively group and much fun was had by all. And oh yes, we also have a tradition of ordering in pizza from one of the best pizzerias in Dallas! 

The Dallas Dressage Club hopes to host this program again next year. It is usually held the 2nd week in February so get it on your calendar now, as spaces are limited!!

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