Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tag: Equestrian Health

Life Before and Life After

It’s a feeling that many riders are all-too familiar with: you're standing on the mounting block with a pit in your stomach, heart pounding, trying to slow your breathing. Maybe it starts before you get to the mounting block, when you swing the saddle over your horse’s back. Maybe it starts far earlier than that, on the drive over to the barn. No matter the timing, many equestrians struggle with riding anxiety at some point. Some find a way to address it and move on, while others spend years trying to reconcile the sport they love with the fear that holds them back.

A Tale of Tails

In two weeks I will celebrate 6 years sober. I am in awe of that. I hope I never stop looking at the gifts that every single new day brings with extreme gratitude.

Challenges & Rewards for Older Riders

By Nancy Stone My husband’s kiss on my cheek, my morning alarm clock, gently wakes me from the warm depths of our down comforter.  My...

The Journey

By Bethany Larsen Horses. Large, expensive, fragile. They eat a vast portion of their weight in hay, produce an unseemly amount of waste, and are...
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