Monday, May 29, 2023

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A Founding Club – St. Louis Area Dressage Society

Dressage instructor Sonya Kershaw and about nine novice dressage riders—most of whom were Kershaw’s students—started the St. Louis Area Dressage Society in 1973 in...

A Founding Club: Virginia Dressage Association

The Virginia Dressage Association was founded in 1973 as an outcrop of the Potomac Valley Dressage Association. At first, VADA was centrally run, with...

A Founding Club: New England Dressage Association

When New England dressage enthusiasts Priscilla Endicott and Pamela Fitzwilliams returned home from the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, they sought like-minded riders in the...

A Founding Club: California Dressage Society

The GMO giant—with its 35 chapters, a busy central office, and thousands of members throughout California and spilling into Las Vegas and other surrounds—was...

A Founding Club: Equestrians Institute

By 1974, a group of western Washington state parents who’d started a Pony Club chapter back in 1960 decided to emulate the Pony Club...

A Founding Club: International Equestrian Organization

America’s first dressage club and USDF’s oldest GMO, the Pennsylvania-based International Equestrian Organization was founded in 1958 by the late Lilian Wittmack Roye, a...

A Founding Club: Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association

The late USDF Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Lazelle Knocke and the late Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame inductee Capt. John H. “Jack” Fritz are...
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USDF’s Original Membership Cards

Anne Zahradnik recently shared this photo of her original USDF Membership Card - for the 1977-1978 membership year!

USEF Licensed Dressage Judge Licenses Explained

The United States Equestrian Federation licenses dressage judges at three levels. Here we give a brief explanation of licenses, as well as requirements for judging specific classes.