A Founding Club: New England Dressage Association

Sally Swift, the late Centered Riding founder and Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame inductee (front), got her start teaching NEDA members (photo undated)

When New England dressage enthusiasts Priscilla Endicott and Pamela Fitzwilliams returned home from the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, they sought like-minded riders in the area who wanted to learn more about the sport.

The group gathered informally at Endicott’s home in Massachusetts until someone suggested they take the next step. The New England Dressage Association was officially formed in 1972, with Endicott as president. NEDA became a charter GMO at USDF’s founding meeting in 1973, and Bill Woods attended the first USDF conventions as NEDA’s official delegate.

Today NEDA is USDF’s largest single-chapter GMO, with members residing throughout New England and New York state. Like the California Dressage Society, NEDA has been at the forefront in offering outstanding educational and competitive opportunities to its members. The late Sally Swift of Vermont, founder of Centered Riding and Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame inductee, was a NEDA charter member and got her start teaching clinics to NEDA members. Early in its history NEDA began bringing European dressage experts such as Maj. Anders Lindgren and Maj. Hans Wikne over for clinics, and today the NEDA Symposia attract top talent from around the world and auditors from up and down the East Coast. USDF “L” programs and instructor workshops are just some of the many other educational opportunities.


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