Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Dressage Talk No. 16 with Cesar Torrente – Featuring Jaimey and...

International FEI Judge Cesar Torrente hosts Dressage Talk No. 16.  In this episode, he chats with Jaimey & Tina Irwin about how to ride half-passes...

Developing the Half Pass with Gary Rockwell

0 Gary Rockwell describes developing the half pass. Excerpt filmed at the 2020 Adequan/USDF...

Benefits of the Half Pass Zig-Zag

0 Watch USEF Youth Coach and USDF Jr/YR clinician Jeremy Steinberg coaching a young rider schooling the...

Rider Weighting in the Shoulder-In and Half-Pass

0 Building on last week's Tip Tuesday, Stephen Clarke discusses how many riders often shift their weight...

Half Pass and Shoulder In – The Same Thing?

0 Shoulder-in is introduced in Second Level Test 1, while half-pass is not introduced until Third Level...
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