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The Scoop on Supplements

An in-depth look into better understanding ingredients By: SmartPak Horse owners want to do everything...

Coaching Your Way to a Better Tomorrow

By Ashley Eve My love of dressage started with a feral 3-year-old New Forest Pony, a dream, and a love...

5 Reasons Your Horse May Be “Off”

Just as with humans, horses can have “off” days. Generally, when described as “off”, a horse is acting lethargic, depressed, or displaying lameness or...

Does Your Horse Have Allergies?

He could actually be suffering from “hay fever”—or sensitivities to all sorts of other things. Here’s how to help him.

Special Delivery!

Prenatal care for a healthy mare and foal Reprinted from the December 2014/January 2015 Issue of USDF Connection...


When a beloved filly becomes critically ill, an owner’s support network helps see her through Reprinted from the December...

Physical Fitness for Dressage Horses

Best strategies for increasing performance and avoiding injuries Reprinted from the July/August 2016 issue of USDF Connection

Footing Selection and Maintenance

 Latest research and best practices for training, competition, and your horse’s soundness Reprinted from the June 2014...

The Science of Nutrition

USDF convention sessions address feeding the sport horse Reprinted from the May 2015 issue of USDF Connection

Latest in Saddle-Fit Research

International conference presents new and ongoing findings Reprinted from the March 2015 Issue of USDF Connection
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