Friday, September 22, 2023

Tag: Jennifer Truett

One Tempis – Helpful Hints

Jennifer Truett My goal in making this video is to provide footage and information that I wished I had easy access to when I first...

Walk Turns to Canter Pirouettes

Jennifer Truett In this video, I demonstrate my favorite exercise to teach walk turns on the haunches and develop them into canter pirouettes. I am...

Used Saddle Fitting Tips and Tricks

Jennifer Truett This video reviews some very basic saddle fitting tips and tricks for improving less than ideal fit. We compare the fit of two...

Horse Back Pain and Alleviating Stretches

Jennifer Truett I created this educational video to share with riders some ways of diagnosing their horse's back comfort, and then I offer some stretches...
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1995 Regional Championships

As we kick off the 2023 Great American/USDF Regional Championships today, we went way back in our archives for this find!

Understanding the USDF Governance Structure and Elections in 2023

Learn about the USDF Governance structure and upcoming elections in 2023