Used Saddle Fitting Tips and Tricks


Jennifer Truett

This video reviews some very basic saddle fitting tips and tricks for improving less than ideal fit. We compare the fit of two different used saddles that both have a lot to offer our demo horse who is a bit underweight, aged and has a very prominent wither. These characteristics can be daunting to try to fit, but we discuss ways to make both saddles an acceptable fit for his current weight and condition. I only review a few things to evaluate in saddle fit in this video. There are many other considerations that are also important, but I think if the viewer begins paying attention to the ones I list here, they will become inherently more aware of saddle fit and notice when the fit changes from weight gain/loss, muscle build/loss, lameness, etc. The viewer agrees that equine sports are inherently dangerous, and is willing to assume any risk involved to them, their family, guests, horse(s), vehicles and additional property. They further agree to hold harmless Jennifer Truett and Dancing Horse Farm for any damage, loss or injury suffered from the information provided through this educational video.

About the Certified Instructor

A rider since she could sit up independently in front of her mother on a horse, Jen has a lifetime of riding, training, and teaching. Starting with Quarter Horses in 4-H, switching to Eventing and Pony Club as a teenager for more excitement, through Eventing she discovered her love for the art of Dressage. Jen is an active and successful Grand Prix competitor and popular clinician.

Over the years, she has competed, trained, and coached hundreds of dressage horses and riders at all levels. Jen on various horses over the years, has been named Regional Champion at least 6 times and at least an equal number of Reserve Champion titles. She has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals, as well as her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Freestyle Bars. Jen is an L Graduate with Distinction and a USDF Certified Instructor through Second Level.

She and her husband, Lenny own the expansive Dancing Horse Farm (DHF) in Lebanon OH. DHF houses 40-50 Dressage and Eventing horses and is home to three other Dressage trainers (including “S” and “r” judges) and two Eventing trainers. DHF also hosts multiple clinics and shows each year.

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