Monday, May 29, 2023

Tag: Saddle Fitting

Interview with William Fox-Pitt: Equipment Fitting for the Event Rider and...

November 2016, WFP Clinic, Great Meadow, VA. By Anne Crowell and Abby Carter Q: What saddle features do you look for when fitting the rider? A: Neutral...

Used Saddle Fitting Tips and Tricks

Jennifer Truett This video reviews some very basic saddle fitting tips and tricks for improving less than ideal fit. We compare the fit of two...

Sorting Back Soreness

By Anne D. Crowell Ques: I have an event horse that I ride at the lower levels. Recently, I’ve noticed back soreness and a friend said...

The Science of Saddle Pads

We help sort through the options By Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, Diplomate ACVSMR, MRCVS Reprinted from the October 2016 USDF Connection magazine According to an online survey,...

Latest in Saddle-Fit Research

International conference presents new and ongoing findings Reprinted from the March 2015 Issue of USDF Connection By Hilary M. Clayton, BVMS, PhD, Diplomate ACVSMR, MRCVS The Saddle...
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USDF’s Original Membership Cards

Anne Zahradnik recently shared this photo of her original USDF Membership Card - for the 1977-1978 membership year!

USEF Licensed Dressage Judge Licenses Explained

The United States Equestrian Federation licenses dressage judges at three levels. Here we give a brief explanation of licenses, as well as requirements for judging specific classes.