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From the YourDressage Archives – Top Ten Tips from a USDF...

It’s Throwback Thursday!  Enjoy this article from the YourDressage Archives, which was originally published in the April 2018 issue of the flipbook version of...

Col. Clarence Edmonds – 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award winner

Col. Clarence Edmonds was awarded the USDF Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. He contributed for many decades to the growth and development of both...

Meet the Committee Chair – Lois Yukins, L Education Program

What is your committee’s mission? To teach judging methodology from biomechanics, rules, and the pyramid of training, to how to formulate scores and comments...

Evaluating the Extravagant Trot

Reprinted from March 2016 USDF Connection Have dressage horses’ gaits become so big they’re no longer correct? An FEI judge explains. By Jayne Ayers For decades, dressage...

A New Tool for the Toolbox

By Clara Etzel Can you pinpoint the most transformational dressage experience you’ve had? Take a moment to think about what that experience would be for...
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The First US Dressage Finals presented by Adequan®

Take a look through the first ever US Dressage Finals program!

USDF Recognizes Accomplishments for Riders of All Ages

USDF recognizes achievement for riders age 50 & over through the Adequan®/USDF Vintage Cup program, & riders age 60 & over through the Master's Challenge Award!