Meet the Committee Chair – Lois Yukins, L Education Program


What is your committee’s mission?

To teach judging methodology from biomechanics, rules, and the pyramid of training, to how to formulate scores and comments to the components of the collective marks. To evaluate candidates to be able to enter the judging system of the USEF.

How long have you been on this committee?

Since 1993

How long have you been the committee chair?

Since 2012

How did you get involved in the sport of dressage?

It was a big part of my original training of hunters, jumpers, and pony club.

How did you get involved in the committee?

After becoming an S judge, I was encouraged to apply to the faculty.

What is your favorite part of being involved with this committee?

The wonderful information we organize and teach in the sessions.

What unique qualifications made you an expert in the committee’s area?

Strong judging experience, as well as an understanding of biomechanics.

What has been your committee’s greatest accomplishment, or what do you hope to accomplish during your tenure?

The ability to help riders, trainers, and judges increase their understanding of what the judges are evaluating and the importance of the horse’s wellbeing during their training and showing.

Do you currently compete in dressage, or have you competed in the past?

I have retired from riding from the effects of a broken back. I rode and competed through all levels, as well as trained horses and riders at all levels.

Please share a favorite dressage-related memory.

Lots of memories.

What horse impacted your love for the sport the most?

All the horses I have had in training and many of my student’s horses. Too many to mention.


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