A Founding Club: Deep South Dressage and Combined Training Association

GERMAN ENGINEERING: DSDCTA members gather for an undated photo. The German saying on their sweatshirts reads “As little as possible, as much as necessary,” a well-loved dressage maxim.

Ann Ticehurst, a Florida-based dressage instructor and judge, had been studying dressage with Col. Hans Handler, then director of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Ticehurst arranged for Handler’s son, Michael, to travel to Florida to conduct a week-long clinic in September 1971. The clinic attracted twelve riders from across the South, all of whom were so impressed with Michael’s teaching and excited about their educational experience that they decided then and there to form a dressage organization. They chose the name Deep South to reflect their varied locations.

Today the Deep South DCTA has six chapters with members across Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. The GMO offers a full roster of clinics and schooling shows, with dressage and eventing year-end awards and other honors.

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