Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Items in the USDF Store

The USDF National Education Center in Lexington, KY is home to the Lendon F. Gray Bookstore.  Not near Lexington?  We also have...

5 Opportunities for Adult Amateurs

USDF offers a plethora of education and competition programs geared towards adult amateurs. Adequan®/USDF Adult Amateur and Adult...

5 Ways for a Horseless, Horse-Crazy Kid to Get Involved with...

If your child has expressed an interest in horses, but you aren’t ready to purchase an equine, there are many horseless ways...

5 Award Goals – Not Just About the Gold!

What are your goals for the 2020 show season?  USDF offers a variety of awards for riders of all levels.  Here are...

5 Facts about the USDF Connection magazine

USDF Connection’s inaugural issue was published in May 1999. The May/June 2019 issue celebrated 20 years of publication.

5 Things For You To Be Excited About in 2020

USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards The USDF Regional Schooling Show Awards Program is USDF’s newest program,...

5 Amazing Moments in Dressage in 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we remember a few of the amazing moments that made this year unforgettable.

5 Gifts to Give Your Favorite Dressage Lover This Season

The holidays are fast approaching, but there’s still plenty of time to wrap up a few special things your favorite dressage enthusiast...

5 Misconceptions About Dressage

As with most sports or activities, there are a lot of misconceptions about dressage.  Here are a few of the most commonly held ones, as...

5 Things A Horse & Rider Gain from Showing, Other Than...

It’s always exciting to bring home a ribbon after a successful show.  However, the value of showing can’t be measured by prizes you bring...
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