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The Art of Dressage

0 As the 1996 USDF National Symposium came to a close, Michael Poulin left us with some...

One Effect of Rein Pressure

0 Michael Poulin demonstrates how inside rein pressure affects the balance of a young horse.

To Correct or Not to Correct in the Ring

0 Elizabeth McMullen gives a tip to riders afraid to make corrections in the ring.

Correcting When the Horse Comes Above the Bit

0 Steffen Peters shares an option to  school a horse when it comes above the bit.

Riding the Centerline

0 Elizabeth McMullen shares her tips from a judge's point of view on the riding the first...

The Benefits of Lungeing the Rider with Robert Dover

0 Robert Dover discusses his first year riding with a German instructor. For most of the year...

Riding Without Stirrups

0 Filmed at the 1996 USDF National Symposium, Jessica Ransehousen talks about the best way to achieve...
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