Friday, December 3, 2021

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Chosen By a Saddlebred

I bought an American Saddlebred for dressage. More specifically, I bought a newly started, roughly 16 hand, 3-year-old palomino colt to gently get back into dressage… as an adult amatuer rider, who never really had much experience working with “baby” horses. However, before I get into how that’s going, I need to back up a bit and ex

Kid Friendly

JAG Kalico Kid is the third generation of Kathy Gilker’s careful breeding. He is kind, intelligent, fun to be around, forgiving, well-behaved, polite, versatile, and loves attention. “He has done everything I have asked of him willingly. Kid showed in western and sidesaddle, hunter and over fences, dressage, and combined training,” Kathy recalls.  “Once at a combined training show, Kid took me around a jump course even when I lost a stirrup at one jump and a rein at another.”

Dressage Centurions: Celebrating Senior Riders

This article is reprinted with permission from Platinum Performance.  It originally appeared here: The Dressage Foundation's Century Club Recognizes a "Century" of Horsemanship Move over...

How to Treasure Your Senior Horse Partner

By Nancy L. Stone On the weekend, my horse and I participated in a 2-day clinic in which we focused on exercises to strengthen the...

Robin’s Revival

By Veronica Gogan Glenord’s Christopher Robin is a 1993 American warmblood stallion. His early education was in dressage and he utilized that training in his...

Golden Oldies

Today’s dressage horses seem to improve with age. Here’s how to keep your senior equine partner feeling and performing his best. By Patti Schofler Reprinted from...
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