Our 15 Favorite Stories From 2022 That You May Have Missed

From the story "A Story of Gratitude." Katie and Draco’s Final Ride in Achieving their USDF Silver Medal Together. Photo by: Victoria Morano Photography

We post a lot of content every year on YourDressage, and sometimes stories may fly under the radar simply due to the volume of content we are sharing with the community. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite stories from 2022 that may not have gotten the exposure we thought they deserved!

  1.  X ‘Marks’ the Spot
Mark Showing at First Level

A late feature in our spotlight on Appaloosas, a Region 7 longtime Appy lover shares her journey to dressage, her Appaloosa Sport Horse partner she rehabbed from a disastrous suspensory injury, and who she’s now aiming to complete her Century Club Ride with in just a few short years!

  1. Five Under-Utilized and Lesser Known USDF Membership Benefits and Resources

USDF offers members a vast array of benefits, from awards to grants to educational opportunities, but many non-members may not know about them, and many members may not take advantage of them! Check out some of the benefits and resources available to you when you become a member in this Quick Read.

  1. Missed Connection No More

In another Appaloosa feature, a Region 3 Appy enthusiast shares about finding an Appaloosa cross colt who captivated her in a sales ad but had sold before she could go see him, stumbling across his ad two years later, and subsequently bringing Spot home to her family farm.

  1. “Pfreefall”ing in Love with Trakehners
From left to right Pfreefall (Fred), me, Kevin Martin (husband), and Amaretta Di Saronno (Retta)

This feature from our spotlight on Trakhners, from an adult re-rider, shares the story of two Trakehners who have been her partners on her dressage journey to earn her USDF Bronze Medal, and the Trakehner community she was introduced to via these partnerships.

  1. Creating Her Dressage Future
2021 USDF Youth Volunteer of the Year Jouelle Kimura and friend (Photo by Tamara with the Camera)

This profile on 2021 USDF Youth Volunteer of the Year Jouelle Kimura, by Ruby Tevis, highlighted Jouelle’s involvement in the sport, along with promoting opportunities for youth in dressage, competitively and in a volunteer capacity. This feature is an excellent highlight for youth who are involved in dressage to see what opportunities are available to them beyond just riding!

  1. 10 Things We Learned About Career Paths for Equestrians
Photo by Chelsey Burris

In this featured wrap-up from Chelsey Burris, she covers the main takeaways from the 2022 USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program Virtual Education webinar. Featuring speakers Reese Koffler-Stanfield and Janet Foy, the webinar covered an array of topics for those interested in having a career in the equine industry: the importance of having a business mindset and long-term planning, financial burdens and career options available within the industry that aren’t being a trainer, and advice from USDF Youth Programs Committee Chair Roz Kinstler were just the tip of the iceberg.

  1. La Vita È Dolce

Friesian month had so many stories that there was no doubt a few would get overlooked, and this story was one! Region 7 professional Kristen Aggers shared about her heart horse – who came to her through a client! 

  1. Eric’s Training Corner
Eric Dierks

This GMO Newsletter Award winning article, written by Illinois Dressage and Combined Training Association member Eric Dierks, is a lesson in humility, and a reminder that sometimes we, as horsepeople, may need to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective, and just maybe that can change the trajectory of your entire day.

  1. A Journey of Gains and Losses
Dawn Bruneau

In this story, an adult amateur re-rider from Region 8 shares her journey back into the saddle after a ten-year hiatus to cheer her kids on in their various activities and sports. After beginning riding again, she embarked on a weightloss journey with her riding coach, where they met riding and weight loss goals together, and reentered the competition arena – earning a USDF Rider Performance Award along the way!

  1. A Story of Gratitude
Katie, Lacey, and Draco – Photo by ES Equine Photography.

In this youth feature, a Region 1 youth competitor shares the story of those who have helped her along her dressage journey – her trainers, barn owners, mentors, and of course, horses! It’s a great reminder that we all have a team behind us, both past and present, to be where we are today.

  1. Worth More Than Gold

In this story, Region 4 Junior Lexie Kment shares about the tremendous impact the FEI North American Youth Championships (NAYC) had on her life, and not just in the medals she brought home.

  1. Got Show Nerves? You Have Something in Common with Elvis!
Photo by Chelsey Burris

We all suffer from nerves at one time or another. Here, Peter O’Dwyer compiles a list of ways to manage nerves. This is a great mental checklist when preparing for a competition, or on show day when your nerves may be just a little more frazzled than usual!

  1. The Enforcer

In this Sweet Senior feature, adult amateur Anne, from Region 3, tells the story of the rock star she met at a clinic, and through a twist of fate was later able to purchase.

  1. A Lifetime of Finnegan
Many ribbons from Pony Club, Jumpers and Hunter Jumper

In this New Forest Pony feature, an equestrian in Region 10 shares about the special New Forest Pony that came into her life when she was a youth rider, and why this breed makes the perfect partner!

  1. Adventures in Qualifying
Fürstenlove(Oliver 2.0) and Suzanne from HITS in August. Photo by Terri Miller

Region 8 competitor, Suzanne Krauss, shares her journey to qualifying for the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championships, and the bumps, setbacks, and successes along the way as she earned her “golden ticket”.

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