Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Dressage Riders-Volunteer Now! 

USDF operates at the local level throughout the US via more than 100 affiliated clubs called Group Membership Organizations or GMOs.  By joining your local GMO, you automatically become a group member of USDF. Each GMO is part of a USDF Region—there are 9 Regions that comprise the US. In many of the larger GMOs, when you become a member, you also become part of a local chapter, which ensures good representation throughout the geographic footprint of the GMO.

Five Ways to Shut Up Your Inner Critic

Shrink your inner critic by practicing self-love, affirming yourself, and staying positive.  We all have doubts and fears, but whether we let them get in the way of our riding and competition, is up to us.

5 Reasons Your Next Dressage Horse Should Be a Saddlebred

American Saddlebreds and dressage- two words not traditionally used in the same sentence, but rightfully paired for a multitude of reasons. For now, we’ll break it down to five!

5 Things to Know About the Upcoming Horse Week

Horse Week is right around the corner!  To celebrate the animal we all love so much, the Equine Network LLC is launching the inaugural...

Change Brings the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention to the Next Frontier

As was recently announced, the 2021 Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention will return to a virtual setting. After the overwhelming success and positive feedback from the...

Five Things to Know about USDF’s New Online Video Feedback Portal

USDF recently launched its exciting new online video feedback portal for young horses. This portal offers a unique opportunity for riders, owners, and trainers...

5 Tips for Keeping Your Light-Colored Horse Show Ring Ready

Grays, paints, whites, buckskins, palominos - they catch your eye in the ring with their flashy coats.  But everyone who owns or cares for...

In Memoriam…

On this Memorial Day, USDF is taking the opportunity to commemorate some members of our dressage community that we have lost recently. These people...

The Basics Of Hoof Care

What you need to know about keeping your horses’ feet healthy Reprinted from American Farriers Journal by permission. It’s an old saying, but still true: “No...

Meet the 2021 USDF Member Perks Partners

There are lots of reasons to become a USDF member!  But one added benefit, that sometimes seems like the best kept-secret for our membership,...
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