Five Under-Utilized and Lesser Known USDF Membership Benefits and Resources


A number of benefits accompany USDF membership and while these benefits are slightly different at each membership level, there are some commonly lesser known and under-utilized benefits and resources that supplement our membership packages.

Money, Money, Money Money — MONEY!

USDF membership carries along with it many discounts with our partners, sponsors, and USDF itself. Did you know that in addition to discounts and special offers with our USDF Member Perks Partners, all USDF members receive a 10% discount* on regularly priced merchandise through the USDF store? This applies to logo wear, educational books and DVDs, and other products specifically designed with the USDF member and dressage enthusiast in mind. Log in to the USDF website as a member to access your USDF store discount code, as well as your other discounts and offers through USDF’s Member Perks Partners. And watch YourDressage in the coming weeks, as we highlight our Member Perks Partners for their generous offers and support of dressage in the US.

*some exclusions apply

You’ve Got Receipts!

USDF members have full access to and all of the reports contained within. Members can access breeder portfolios, historical score checks, awards history, and more for their horses. is the official USDF source for the most accurate and complete dressage scores. In addition, members accessing have instant access to USDF rider award and horse performance certificate qualifications and eligibility, as well as notifications of the Adequan®/USDF Year-End and All-Breeds Award standings.

Score discrepancies may be addressed by contacting the USDF office at For award purposes, any score corrections must be submitted to USDF by 5:00 PM (ET), October 15, of the award year.

Union, Union, UNION!

In addition to the many individual benefits that accompany USDF membership, it does come with certain responsibilities. USDF members have an active voice in the governance and future of the organization, and in turn, the future of dressage in the US. By joining USDF, you have the opportunity to vote for and provide feedback to your representatives to take to the Board of Governors, the overall governing body of the organization. USDF members are represented at the Board of Governors General Assembly, held during the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, by voting entities that include Participating Member Delegates, Group Member Organization Delegates, and any assigned proxies therein.

The dressage community relies on these entities to represent their collective voice in the development and determination of direction of dressage in this country.

Get Schooled

USDF University has evolved greatly over the years. In addition to the recognition aspect through the award of USDF University Recognition Certificates and Diplomas (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond), it encompasses all of USDF’s education opportunities and resources including the online resource library, online courses, continuing education modules, access to and information on GMO Education Initiative events, USDF University accreditation, and much more.

With all USDF University has to offer, you’re sure to never run out of unique and intriguing ways to further your dressage education.

We’d Never Forget Your Birthday…

Kristen A.-Grandmaster Flashs 20th Unicorn Birthday party-Flash is a 17.1-hand SWB whom I’ve had since he was born.

USDF members with a birthdate on file receive a special gift from USDF each year, during their birth month. While birthdates are required for youth and other age-related competition and awards programs, anyone can update their membership profile by logging into the USDF website. By having a complete and up-to-date membership profile, you are ensuring that USDF is delivering to you the most pertinent and relevant information, while making you aware of the unique opportunities available to you as a USDF member.

The fact is, we could go on and on about the benefits of USDF membership, from the subscription to the award-winning USDF Connection magazine, to discounted attendance fees at USDF events, but nothing outweighs the access and connection USDF membership provides you to the dressage community. Through our Group Member Organizations that span the nation, and our many committees that represent the varying interests of our membership, USDF serves as the connection between the general dressage enthusiast, youth, adult amateur, professional competitors, and educators who, in many cases, bring a lifetime of knowledge to USDF’s educational and instructional efforts.

From the Education Membership (at only $10 for youth and $35 for adults), a Group Membership obtained by joining one of USDF’s many well-respected dressage organizations around the country, to the full USDF Participating Membership, with USDF, there is something for everyone!

For those not convinced, don’t forget that the award-winning USDF Connection is now available by subscription, for the first time ever! Just another way, USDF is your connection to dressage education, competition, and achievement!

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