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Proper Use of the Telewhip

0 Gerhard Politz explains the proper use of the telewhip. This clip is part of the Lungeing...

How Rider Position Affects the Young Horse

0 Christoph Hess emphasizes the importance of good rider position on young horses at the 2004 USDF...

Qualities of Good Contact

0 Watch as FEI Judge General Stephen Clarke discusses what correct contact looks and feels like.

Aids for Shoulder-In

0 Kyra Kyrklund works with a rider to explain the aids for the shoulder in, and how...

Starting the Young Horse Under Saddle

0 Watch as Scott Hassler explains his method for backing a young horse at the 2004 USDF...

The Stay at Home Guide for Dressage Lovers

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has drastically changed our world in the last couple of months.  More and more folks are working remotely,...

5 Fast Facts About Junior/Young Rider Clinics

Open to riders 14-21 years of age (or those 12-14 competing in FEI Pony or Children classes), striving to compete at FEI...

Members Unearth Free Digital Content for Riding at February EIDEA Meeting

By Donna Hammond This article won first place in the 2018 GMO Newsletter Award in First-Person Experience for GMOs with...

Five Facts About the GMO Education Initiative

The GMO Education Initiative (formerly the National Education Initiative) was built by USDF to create and support new and affordable programs to engage members. Here are...
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