Sunday, October 24, 2021

Tag: Five Things

Things Everyone Needs to Know about USDF Horse Registration

Keeping track of membership, horse registration, and specific program requirements can be a daunting task for the most experienced members and competitors. Below are...

5 Ways to Help Out at Your Barn

Barns are usually a communal environment, and often it’s a group effort to keep things neat, clean, and safe. No matter the size of...

5 Things to Mention in a Horse Sale Advertisement

By Chelsey Burris Thanks to the internet, there are now many options for selling your horse.  Unlike the old times of trying to cram only the most...

5 Things to Remember to Bring to a Show

We've all had it happen at least once - you get to a show and go to check in or tack up, and you cannot...

5 Reasons Your Horse May Be “Off”

Just as with humans, horses can have “off” days. Generally, when described as “off”, a horse is acting lethargic, depressed, or displaying lameness or changes in...

5 Common Questions About Horse Registration with USDF

So, you have your new horse & you’re ready to compete. Maybe you have goals of winning an Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds Award, or maybe you are...

Five Things You Didn’t Know About USDF

The United States Dressage Federation was officially formed in 1973 in Lincoln, NE, and moved to Lexington, KY, in 2002. USDF is the only national...
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