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How Rider Position Affects the Young Horse

0 Christoph Hess emphasizes the importance of good rider position on young horses at the 2004 USDF...

Aids for Shoulder-In

0 Kyra Kyrklund works with a rider to explain the aids for the shoulder in, and how...

Starting One Tempi Changes

0 Get some tips and exercises for starting and perfecting one tempi changes from Debbie McDonald.

Beginning the Piaffe

0 Filmed at the 2004 USDF National Symposium, Scott Hassler demonstrates the early stages of teaching a...

Inside and Outside Reins

0 Conrad Schumacher explains how he starts to teach riders about the connection between inside leg...

To Correct or Not to Correct in the Ring

0 Elizabeth McMullen gives a tip to riders afraid to make corrections in the ring.

Evaluating the Trot

0 Scott Hassler explains the importance of picking the correct trot to evaluate.

Transitions Within the Gait

0 Debbie McDonald explains how to ride transitions within the canter to improve connection and collection.

Expressive Front Legs – A Discussion

0 Jeremy Steinberg and Debbie McDonald discuss how they evaluate an expressive frontleg. Filmed...

The Stretch Circle

0 Anne Gribbons explains what judges do and do not want to see in the stretch circle.
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