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Evaluating the Trot

0 Scott Hassler explains the importance of picking the correct trot to evaluate.

Transitions Within the Gait

0 Debbie McDonald explains how to ride transitions within the canter to improve connection and collection.

Expressive Front Legs – A Discussion

0 Jeremy Steinberg and Debbie McDonald discuss how they evaluate an expressive frontleg. Filmed...

The Stretch Circle

0 Anne Gribbons explains what judges do and do not want to see in the stretch circle.

Riding the Centerline

0 Elizabeth McMullen shares her tips from a judge's point of view on the riding the first...

Correct Aids for the Shoulder-Fore

1 Debbie McDonald reminds riders that often the inside rein is pulled on in order to get...

Riding Without Stirrups

0 Filmed at the 1996 USDF National Symposium, Jessica Ransehousen talks about the best way to achieve...
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