Central Plains Dressage Society (CPDS)


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USDF GMO Established: 2017
Locality: Region 9, Oklahoma
Website: www.centralplainsdressage.org

How many members does your GMO have annually, on average?
125 members

Tell us about your GMO.
Central Plains Dressage Society, Inc. is not even a year old yet! We have a monthly newsletter, news blasts in between, and lots of enthusiastic conversation. In 2018, we will host four two-day, and one one-day, recognized shows, as well as fifteen schooling shows, four USEF “Lite” Recognized Western Dressage Shows, an Arabian Horse Association Sport Horse Show, and two Working Equitation “B” rated shows. Judges from shows often clinic the day after, to help riders get quick feedback. We will offer both junior and adult camps this year. We have a year-end awards program, based on points, to encourage participation that creates fun competition throughout the year. Before we became a GMO, our shows produced many medalists. We pride ourselves on being friendly, and supportive of the educational process in dressage. We employ a goal oriented approach to managing the club and helping members reach their desired outcomes.

Does your GMO offer unique classes or activities that cater to youth,
adult amateurs, or professionals? If so, please provide a brief description.

We will offer both junior and adult camps this year. In addition, all the recognized show judges host clinics after the shows to help people learn, advance, and receive immediate feedback about their performance. Many schooling shows also offer clinics right after the show. Working equitation (that has a dressage test associated with it) has been a growth area and has attracted both youth and adult riders.

What type of educational events does your GMO offer?
We have had two goal setting workshops. A Parents and Partners of Dressage Riders workshop will be held in April. We have a Horse Spa Day planned, in conjunction with a recognized western dressage show, where participants can sign up for vaccinations, chiropractic work, cranial adjustment, saddle fitting, nutrition information, and several other services.
We are partnering with a vet clinic, as well as some individuals, for this event. Clinics and shows are the main educational opportunities we offer.

What type of “fun” events does your GMO offer?
We put on a “freestyle fiesta” at the end of the year, where people can dress up (or not) and perform a freestyle to a welcoming crowd. We have all levels of freestyles. The Friday before each show is dubbed FEI Friday, and riders can come and practice together and offer advice, if asked. We have had a group ride after the Goal Setting workshop and created a big quadrille! Truthfully, I think all of our events are fun.

Additional Comments
Volunteers are often difficult to find, and ours tend to be non horsey people that are retired from the local university. They have proven to be loyal and dedicated because this activity is enjoyable for them. I am not sure how long we will have this type of volunteer, but we are going on about five years with a stable group.

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