Maryland Dressage Association (MDA)


Group Member Organizations (GMOs) are the foundation of USDF and integral in bringing dressage and dressage education to the masses. Stay connected with your local dressage community and support dressage at the local level by joining a GMO in your area today!

USDF GMO Established: 1982
Locality: USDF Region 1, Maryland

How many members does your GMO have annually, on average?
80-90 members

Tell us about your GMO.
We are celebrating more than 30 years of sharing a love of dressage through our club’s schooling shows and clinics. We sponsor one USDF-recognized show each year, as well as monthly schooling shows, for not only our members, but the local horse community. Our membership is a combination of professionals and amateurs, who all enjoy showing. We offer clinics, taught by local and regional professionals, for all levels.

Does your GMO offer unique classes or activities that cater to youth, adult
amateurs, or professionals? If so, please provide a brief description.

We off er year end awards to young riders, and encourage youth participation by paying the fees for young riders at our clinics. We sponsor schooling shows and year end awards for adult amateurs and a “trainer of the year” award, for professionals who encourage their students to participate in our schooling shows.

What type of educational events does your GMO offer?
We hold clinics and host a guest speaker at our annual banquet. This year’s speaker was Dr. Carol Bossone, who did a presentation on Lyme Disease.

What type of “fun” events does your GMO offer?
We have two fun schooling shows a year that are always well attended. In August is the Summer Fun Show and riders are encouraged to dress up in a fun/summer outfit- we’ve seen coconut tops! Th e other fun schooling show is our Fall Fun Show, in October, where we have a costume class and invite the judge to judge the costumes, with everyone receiving a small prize.

Additional comments
MDA offers educational scholarships annually. Our JBB scholarship for $300 is awarded to a member with outstanding club service, as a volunteer, towards the betterment of the club and its members. We also annually present four Caitlin Ben Dror Scholarships, awarding $300 to members based on 60% work credits and 40% scores, thus allowing those with more volunteer hours, rather than better scores, a higher chance of being awarded the scholarship.

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