What would your horse do?


USDF wants to hear from you! If your horse had a human job, what would it be?


  1. Junior would be a pilot. He enjoys being airborne in a capriole or over a small jump, he’s vigilant of his surroundings, and he’s very intelligent (and he knows it.)

  2. Mine would be the angry cafeteria lady. Says she loves children but really wants to micromanage what everybody’s eating.

  3. My (now deceased) horse of 32 years would be a stand-up comedian. He had a brilliant sense of humor, was wicked smart, and had ALL the answers. Sarcastic to the core. There were times I was grateful he couldn’t speak because I can only IMAGINE what would have come out of his mouth. His expressions were priceless.

    My recently sold horse would have been in the circus doing acrobatics from the trapeze or a gymnastics instructor. Incredibly athletic and eager to do anything … that wasn’t dressage. He’s now a jumper with a fearless 20-something in the tack.

    Newly purchased mount is too soon to tell. One month in, we’re going back to kindergarten. But, I think he might like to be a food critic based on his enthusiasm for chow and his thorough deliberation when presented with something new.


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