5 things to look forward to at the Salute Gala and Annual Awards Banquet

The US Dressage Team attended the Salute Gala at last year's convention. (Jennifer Bryant photo)

By Amanda Ciejko

Hosted every year on the final night of the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, the Salute Gala and Annual Awards Banquet draws riders from across the country to accept awards or cheer on their team members.  Here are 5 things to look forward to each year at the banquet.

The Awards

The awards… the shiny, shiny awards! From Adequan®/USDF All-Breeds to Horse of the Year, top competitors and their equine partners will be acknowledged. The awards can be observed on full display atop the tables onstage during the start of the Salute Gala and Annual Awards Banquet.

Dining with Peers from Around the Country

Officials, competitors, legendary dressage figures, and members of the USDF governance all mix and mingle during the cocktail hour, then seat themselves at a table for some fine dining and dinner conversation before the award presentations begin.

The Legends

Many of the athletes and officials, including those who have represented the United States in the Olympics past and present, will opt to attend the event. It’s an honor to be able to see and meet such inspirational figures in person.  In 2019, the US Dressage Team that represented us in the Lima Pan American Games will be in attendance.

Visual Presentations

Award winners can be seen on the big screens during the Salute Gala & Annual Awards Banquet visual presentation! Projected onto two large screens at each end of the stage, the presentation loops through photos of award winners while guests filter into the banquet hall.

Walking Across the Stage!

For award winners, the most exciting moment is walking across the stage to accept your award and shake hands with the presenters, including the USDF President. You and your equine partner have worked so hard over the course of the year (or a lifetime!) and it’s finally the moment to step into the spotlight and accept the recognition you deserve.

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