Northern Ohio Dressage Association (NODA)


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USDF GMO Established: 1975

Locality: USDF Region 2, Ohio


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The Northern Ohio Dressage Association (NODA) is celebrating 50 years of dressage education, competition, and horsemanship in northeast Ohio. A Dressage Club since 1969, NODA joined the USDF as a group in November 1975 and is celebrating its history of clinics, seminars, schooling and recognized competitions, socials, volunteerism, awards, and programs for members at all levels and of all ages.

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Recognizing the importance of youth to the future of dressage, NODA has a Junior and Young Rider Liaison who coordinates free or low-cost clinics and get togethers such as the pizza painting party which kicked off 2019.  Youth are highlighted in our monthly print and web publication, NODA News, and are encouraged to contribute by writing about their own experiences.  NODA has provided sponsorship for the Dressage4Kids program.

NODA manages a recognized show weekend with two separate shows which includes a fun competitors party.  NODA also manages a dressage schooling show series with 6 one day shows and a championship show that members must qualify for.  The schooling show series features traditional and western dressage classes and is designed to help competitors prepare for recognized competition.  L judges or USEF judges are engaged for each show.

What type of educational events does your GMO offer?

Education is key to NODA.  Currently sponsoring Part 1 of the USDF L Education Program, NODA feels training professionals aids in stronger horsemanship for amateurs and youth.   Since 1969 NODA has sponsored seminars on riding new dressage tests, developed an adult dressage camp which includes cross training, sponsored USDF Instructors Training, organized ride-a-test clinics, and developed training for scribes, tabulators, and show volunteers.

NODA is proud to support the education of all members and developed scholarships based on merit and volunteerism for junior/young riders, and adult amateurs.  Two scholarships are awarded in each category each year.  The member must “give back” to the organization by writing an article or giving a presentation on what they have learned.  Professional members may also seek funding for educational opportunities with the caveat that they share the knowledge through an article, clinic, or presentation.  Year-end champions (youth, adults, and professionals) also receive an education scholarship.

What type of “fun” events does your GMO offer?

In 2019, NODA celebrated its 50th anniversary with a catered party open to all members and friends at our annual recognized show.  With an eye towards fun, members of all ages joined teams for the hilarious, unmounted Quazy Quassi Quadrill, then enjoyed a meal and gathered around to watch a slide show of photos and articles from our historical archives; laughing and reminiscing about the last 50 years.

NODA’s annual celebration banquet, which traditionally takes place in November, is a time to reflect and catch up with good food and friends.  Of course, NODA recognizes competitors with ribbons, trophies, and certificates, but the banquet is a time to honor the volunteers who are the lifeblood of our GMO, especially our long-time volunteers with the presentation of the annual NODA Lifetime Achievement Award and Volunteer of the Year Award.  NODA is looking forward to the next 50 years of dressage!

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