Meet the Instructor – Jane Fucinaro, Omaha, NE


Meet Jane Fucinaro! She is the owner of Coda Cavallo Riding Academy, a USDF Bronze Medalist who hopes to continue up the levels and reach FEI, and a USDF Certified Instructor through Second Level.

How I got started in Dressage: I started in a Dressage lesson program when I was very young, and I really looked up to my first instructor for her strong program and work with youth. She inspired me to start my own teaching business.

I wanted to become certified because: I appreciate the concise and universal language the Certified Instructor program strives to create. Passing each test holds instructors to a higher standard, and I wanted to achieve something that sets me apart from other instructors.

What I learned from the program: My favorite, unexpected outcome of this program is the network of CIs that I have met and come to respect and call friends. Going through the testing together really challenges instructors, and it’s an opportunity to come together to help achieve a similar goal.

My horse: I own one horse, Warrick, a 2015 American Warmblood by WakeUp, who I hope to bring up the levels and campaign. He had a successful first competition year at Training Level and in the Four-Year-Old division.

Training tip: To assure a proper position in the saddle, always keep your eyes raised. Envision a horse and rider two horse-lengths in front of you and keep your eyes on the back of that rider’s helmet. And, always smile while you are riding…it should be FUN!

Email:                                             Phone: (402) 504-8113

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