5 Gifts to Give Your Favorite Dressage Lover This Season


The holidays are fast approaching, but there’s still plenty of time to wrap up a few special things your favorite dressage enthusiast might have forgotten to ask for this year (but really needs!)

1) New Helmet – It’s a well-known rule to replace any helmet that’s done its duty and protected your head in a fall. But even a helmet that’s never been struck might need to be retired. Helmet Plastics and Styrofoams in the shell, liner, and padding react differently to environmental conditions; hair products, chemicals found in things like fly spray, sweat, UV exposure, and the heat and cold of weather conditions you store them or ride in. As a general good safety measure, it’s suggested to get a new helmet every five years.

2) Massage gift certificate – You make sure your favorite equine athlete is balanced and free of discomfort; why not give the same treatment to your favorite rider? Chances are, in all the constant worrying about horse health, hay supply, and readying the barn for winter, they’ve forgotten to take care of themselves.

3) New barn boots – Since all their money goes to horse shoes, it’s a good bet your favorite equestrian’s sturdy, dirty barn boots are sole-thin and being held together with duct tape and vet wrap. Horse people, above all things, make the best of bad situations. But why let their feet freeze this winter? Treat them to a new pair of barn boots (waterproof, of course) to make going out to feed the horses in negative temperatures bearable.

4) New dressage book – You’re bound to get snowed in this winter, so before that happens, make sure your dressage fan’s bookshelf is well stocked.  Many titles are available in the USDF Online Store.  

5) USDF Sweatpants – Everyone deserves a warm, fleecy pair of sweatpants as part of a well-rounded winter survival wardrobe. Whether they’re for covering up pristine white show breeches or for lounging while reading YourDressage, these are sure to keep your favorite dressage fan toasty and oh-so-comfy until the spring thaw comes around!

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