YourDressage’s Top Ten Videos


The first year of YourDressage was a whirlwind! We’ve clipped a few of your favorite videos right here.

Top 5 Tip Tuesdays:

Correct Aids for the Shoulder Fore – Debbie McDonald reiterates the importance of riding the horse from the inside leg to the outside rein for the shoulder fore, as opposed to pulling on the outside rein, like many riders are apt to do.

Building the Hind End Using Cavaletti: A Discussion with Ingrid Klimke – Ingrid Klimke discusses how cavaletti work can help encourage the horse to step under their center of gravity, and strengthen the muscles in the back and hind end.

Starting One Tempi Changes – Debbie McDonald works with David Blake at the 2011 Adequan®/USDF National Symposium on exercises to ease a young FEI horse to do one tempi changes.

Correcting When The Horse Comes Above the Bit (1001) – Steffen Peters teaches a rider at the 1996/1997 USDF National Symposium a basic exercise to help correct when your horse comes above the bit.

Trot-Halt-Trot Exercises – Stephen Clarke works with a rider at the 2013 Adequan®/USDF FEI-LEvel Trainers Conference to improve her trot-halt transitions.

Top 5 Featured Videos:

The Stretch Circle – Anne Gribbons discusses what judges look for in the stretch circle, and what could cost you points in your test on this movement.

Tips for Creating a Musical Freestyle – Part of the 2015 On The Levels DVD, Dolly Hannon talks about what makes a good freestyle, and how do-it-yourself-ers can blow the judges out of the water!

Hilda Gurney’s Best Memory with Keen – Hall of Fame inductee, Hilda Gurney, talks about her favorite moment with Keen – the 1976 Grand Prix Special.

Correct Lungeing with Jan Ebeling – Jan Ebeling works with a young horse to introduce lungeing as part of the backing process.

Snaffle Bit Quiz – See how up to date you are on your equipment rules!

USDF strongly recommends all riders wear approved safety headgear.

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