By Chelsey Burris

Creating one year ago was a big undertaking.  You may remember before that, YourDressage existed as a monthly flipbook.  The idea to turn it into something much more, (encompassing not only original stories but also videos, interactive features, and daily content) was in the works  for many months before the launch, and took cooperation between the USDF Marketing Department and representatives from all the other departments (Administration, Membership, Education, and Competitions).

For Throwback Thursday this week, we look back at the launch of YourDressage, 1 year ago!

The Flipbook

YourDressage was created to provide an outlet for first person narrative stories sent to USDF by members.  For the first few years, it functioned as a flipbook online and most articles were human-interest stories.  However, over time, it became clear that YourDressage could be much more than this.  The flipbook was cumbersome to look at on a phone, and it wasn’t easy to share direct links to articles via  social media. The USDF Marketing Team hatched an idea; what if instead of a flipbook, YourDressage became a publication website?  We were inspired, and ready to tackle the project!

Ready For Liftoff

The first step was getting all the archived issues of the flipbook version uploaded to the website, which was tackled throughout the winter.  As spring got closer, we were ready to launch! We teased our social media followers with a few little promotions in the days leading up to April 1. 

Our First Story

We officially launched on April 1, 2019.  We put out a press release to announce the exciting news.  Our first article was A Full Notebook from Convention written by Ellanor Beohning, a 2018 USDF Youth Convention Scholarship Winner. She shared her experience attending the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.


All throughout launch week, we ran daily contests.  It was a fun way to introduce everyone to  We were happy to welcome both members and non-members to our brand new website; it’s for all dressage enthusiasts!  After a successful launch week, it was full steam ahead, publishing new content every weekday all year long. 

From these exciting beginnings, we have grown and flourished!  We have published over 600 posts since the launch, and can’t wait to start Year 2 with all of you!

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