How are you passing the time in quarantine? Our dressage community is staying busy, Part I

Sheila P.. "Horse show" photoshoot with my American Saddlebred dressage convert. He's one year into dressage and we're undoing 10+ years of old habits. This year was supposed to be our big debut in training level!

We asked our social media followers what they’ve been up to during this break in competitions. See what the dressage community has been up to with this gallery, & make sure you follow USDF on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for more!

Jesse W. Getting to ride my horses at our private barn but have a lot of extra time on my hands from not being able to see my students- decided to learn digital painting to pass the time!
Cindy H. Thankfully I’m continuing to ride my two. No sessions with a coach, however.
Trisha F. Our barn is open to owners right now, no visitors, viewing room closed, and no more than 10 people on the premises at a time, and asking that we limit visits to 2-2 1/2 hours maximum. I’m so grateful to have the chance to keep riding, since I just bought my boy in November after 35 years since my last horse.
Sarah D. Watching all three of my kids riding – they can’t wait to be released from stay at home!!
Marcie D. Riding in my backyard and playing horse show!! I have a Everdale youngster that I hoped to show this year but this means we will be even better next year!!
Naomi P. Fortunately my horses are at home, but with a torn rotator cuff which requires surgery, riding is on hold indefinitely at this point 😢 So round pen work, Equicore system, lots of groundwork for my boys…
Savannah W. Just bought my dream horse a couple months ago before this all started! Using this time to get to know him 💗
Kendra H. I breed dressage horses. This Secret colt, Salinger H2O, was born in quarantine on April 14. He’s out of Bonita BF, who was ridden by Kim Adelberger (now Kim Kotch) to PSG. “JD,” bred by me, is her colt and I can’t wait to see her bring him up the levels. Life for many breeders hasn’t changed much in QT but I do miss the shows, since that’s where a breeding program really shines.
Joan C. Still able to train part-time at my home barn. This is Nolan and he’s in groundwork & dressage “boot camp”. His mom is getting too much exposure at her essential job and she decided to put him training.
Meghan T. We’ve found fun things to do training wise to keep everyone fresh 🦄😂 🐕
Kendall B. I’m continuing to ride and personally finding my way back/rhythm with my horse after a 3 month layup due to an ankle surgery.
I have a privately owned barn.
So as long as all my boarders use safe SD & safe protocol we are open.
I do wipe down all multi use areas & cleaning tools a few times a day.
Sylivia W. Our barn is tiptoeing out of lockdown and today I got to ride my horse finally. After missing me for a month, he’s all snuggly can you blame him😘🐴
Dressage Collections Yes. We are still riding. Fun note. I bought this print! LoL
Keri H. My daughter Kambell and her horse Pepper! Not really having a show season this year they are getting time to practice more and are looking great!!
Raissa C. I am still able to ride at scheduled times. But I also am clipping senior horses (and ponies) to keep them comfortable in the summer😊
Ica L. Extra barn time with the pony and more time to sketch
Amanda M. I’m spending my time with my young horse Drogon playing and doing desensitization!
Shelby B. I am lucky to have my horses at home with me. My retired OTTB and retrained ranch horse, Wiley and Mason
Jennifer H. Breeding and foaling is still going on ! Here is my first Oldenburg foal of the year, Rumspringa.
Lili G. I broke my elbow at the beginning of March, so all we’ve been doing is light riding around the neighborhood.
Melissa W. Bought a horse property and moved to my dream place with our sweet man!
Amanda M. Just spending some safe and sane quality time with my boy in the midst of all of this craziness.
Tyra W. Still riding and training.
Lisa O. We now get to ride on a strict schedule. So happy!

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