How are you passing the time in quarantine? Our dressage community is staying busy, Part II

Anna Rae-Sue K.

We asked our social media followers what they’ve been up to during this break in competitions. See what the dressage community has been up to with this gallery, & make sure you follow USDF on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for more!

See last week’s post with more photos.

Note: USDF strongly recommends all riders wear protective headgear when mounted.

Sammi S. TP challenge!
Jessi L. Pixem live lessons!
Kenton Wright. Did I ever mention we do more than train, show and ride horses? Yep we breed and foal our own babies @wwequestriancenter too. Colt number 2 in 2020 by our Diamondhead stallion from @equilibriumequestrian and boy are we excited to see this one out playing in the sunshine!!!
Kristin P. Swingin For Money and I are considering Western Dressage in addition to showing traditional dressage
Keri H. My daughter Kambell and her horse Pepper having a little fun!
Karen M. I got my new girl right before everything got shut down. I’m having a lot of fun getting to know her. My horses are in my backyard!
Jill M. I am still able to ride at my home farm
HERS Equine. @usdfofficial is asking what everyone is doing while they stay at home – For me it has been a great opportunity to increase the amount of time I am painting and creating! 💕 I truly hope that the world returns to”normal” soon, but I also hope that we all carry forward the new things that we have learned and learned to appreciate.
Chelsea L. Taking this time to train and practice.
Amy D. Breeding for the future of dressage.

Jessica G. Take the girls out on the hill!
Mia J. Sleeping
Hannah F. Lots of epic trail rides
 Anne R. Ground work and conditioning made April fly by. Can’t wait for riding to resume as the horses are so ready!
Kendra. Some video of the chunky 🐵 today! My goal has been to get comfortable with sitting trot by the end of quarantine, and today was the best it’s felt so far! The poor guy has a v e r y bouncy trot that usually has me bouncing pretty hard and him hollowing his back, but lately he’s been much more round and willing. It’s nowhere near perfect but only a couple of months ago, sitting the trot resulted in an immediate transition to a western jog, so we’ll take this progress!
Tyline W. Luckily we are still able to go to our barn. I’ve been working on hacking around the property… it’s around 130 acres with trails. 😊
Una S. Getting pony teeth done, drunk ponies.
Brittney F. Playing with the fun things at the barn
Diane F. Havanna!
Kenton Wright. Take a look at one of our 2 year olds, in for charm school, and how she stays relaxed while we shot this quick little video. It’s well worth the time to take a moment and love on your ponies in situations like this. The trust and bond that y’all get can really set them up for success for the rest of their career. Keep on riding the wright way y’all!
Minde P. Trail Riding with my new love, Vortex❤️

To see more pictures & videos from the dressage community, visit this link.


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