5 New Resources for Competition Management

Artwork by Cathy Zappe, second place in the Art Division in the 2014 USDF Arts Contest

In the “new normal” of the COVID-19 environment, show managers are faced with many new and developing challenges.  Here are 5 resources that can help you during these uncertain times.

The USEF COVID-19 Action Plan

This plan is now available on the USEF Website. This plan outlines the new requirements and recommended best practices for both competition organizers and competitors at competitions held in the COVID-19 environment.

Show Biz

Show Biz was recently revised by the USDF Competition Management Committee and is now available on the USDF website to serve as a resource for both experienced and inexperienced competition management teams. Show Biz is a complete guide to running a dressage competition from the first steps in planning through the final cleanup and results reporting. Check it out here!

WHO Mass Gathering for Sports Risk Assessment Tool

This helpful tool is available on the USEF website. This tool is required to be used by competition management as part of USEF’s COVID-19 Action Plan and helps determine the risks associated with holding a particular competition.

CDC Resources for Large Community Events and Mass Gatherings

These resources are available on the USEF website through the Licensed Competitions COVID-19 Toolkit.

Checklist for Cancelling a Competition

Need to cancel your competition? This checklist is now available on the USDF website for those who may be unable to hold competitions as planned. This checklist was compiled by the USDF Competition Management Committee to serve as a resource for other competition organizers.

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