5 Things to Know about “Show Biz”

Photo by Embrey Cean was an entry in the 2018 USDF Arts Contest.

Have you ever thought about running a dressage show, but you aren’t sure where to start?  USDF’s “Show Biz” is your resource for everything you need to run a successful show, from organization, to finances, to scoring, to scribes, and much more. Here are five important things to know about this valuable resource.

From Start to Finish

Show Biz is a complete guide to running a dressage competition from the first steps in planning through the final cleanup and results reporting. 

New Version

Show Biz is now available on the USDF website here, after recent revisions by the USDF Competition Management Committee.

Universal Tools

Show Biz is intended to serve as a resource for both experienced and inexperienced competition management. Much of what is covered is universal to all shows.


Show Biz is divided by chapter on the USDF website for easy access to each section.

Help with your Budget

Included in the Finances Chapter are two sample budgeting spreadsheets for use by competitions.

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