5 Reasons You Should Enter the New USDF Quarantine Scavenger Hunt


By Chelsey Burris

To combat boredom while being stuck indoors this spring, USDF came up with a fun way to pass the time; an online scavenger hunt!  With over $450 worth of prizes up for grabs in the first round, it gave dressage enthusiasts a fun outlet to be competitive, all from the comfort of their couches.

By visiting different USDF online properties, such as YourDressage, USDF University, and the USDF website, participants collected words to create a sentence.  Over 200 people took on the challenge and were entered in the grand prize drawing.  The final answer to the scavenger hunt really resonated with folks: “Times are tough but the dressage community is tougher!”

USDF had so much fun hosting the first round of the quarantine scavenger hunt that they have decided to launch a second round of scavenger hunt fun, with over $500 in prizes available this time! 

Here are 5 reasons you should enter Round 2:

1. You’ll Be Eligible for 5 Awesome Prizes!

When you enter the scavenger hunt, you will have five chances to win!  For Round 2, we have upped the prizes to a total value of $500.  The prizes, which are shopping spree gift certificates to the USDF Online Store, can be redeemed for anything we have in stock!  This includes books, DVDs, USDF apparel, rider lapel pins, & awesome accessories. 


Mary M., one of the winners from Round 1, is utilizing her prize to help her with her new horse. “Winning this prize really lifts my spirits,” she said.  “I used my $50 USDF store shopping spree coupon to buy four DVDs.  I’m re-training a jumper as my dressage horse, and hoping to obtain scores at Second and Third level to qualify to take Part 2 of the L Training Program.  Since I can’t take Junior to clinics or shows, I’ll study these DVDs to help guide our training.”

“What a great idea to peak my interest in the USDF website!” winner Robin L. told us. “To be one of the winners, was such a nice surprise…  Nice job, Ozzie!  I have already spent my winnings in the USDF store to buy the On The Levels DVD’s and a scarf that I have had my eye on.  It will be the perfect accessory when I am scribing!” 

Gail B., who took home the Grand Prize in Round 1, said, “When I saw the email about a virtual scavenger hunt, I thought what fun! I wasn’t sure how a virtual hunt would work but it turned out that as long as you’re willing to read the clues and do some investigating, the answers are right in front of you, plus you learn a lot!! I took my shopping spree winnings and bought some clothing (which are beautiful & so well made), Walter Zettl’s Circle of Points DVD and a booklet of all the dressage tests.” 

2. It’s Fun!

Melissa J’s entry was a team effort.  She shared a photo of her horse and donkey rooting her on. “We had a blast figuring it out.  My guys were helping.   Thank you so much for the fun activity. ”

The overwhelming response from people who entered the scavenger hunt was that it was a lot of fun.  When Holly K. entered, she said, “Thank you for doing this contest and even if I don’t win, I feel like I already did win my sense of well being again.”

Kat G. agreed, “Thanks so much for some fun this afternoon.  This was a great way to learn about the website and read some great stuff.”.

Pamela K. also enjoyed Round 1 of the scavenger hunt.  “What fun!!! The highlight of my day.”

3. It’s a Good Way to Pass the Time While You’re Stuck Indoors.

At this time of year, most of us are used to having an active schedule – perhaps lessons, clinics, shows, or more.  With many of these things being cancelled or postponed, you more than likely have some free time on your hands.  Lena W., who entered Round 1, said, “This was so much fun!  Thank you for adding a little dressage entertainment to the day.  Really helps boost morale.”

Need a distraction from current events?  “Thanks for a fun diversion!!” Alice C. said when she entered. 

“Thank you for the fun opportunity to explore the USDF site while completing the scavenger hunt,” AnneMarie B. told us.  “I have also been working on a bit of online education and really appreciate having these opportunities to stay connected and learn a bit while we all shelter at home.”

4. You Might Discover Resources You Didn’t Know About!

As restrictions from the pandemic ease, we will all soon be back into full swing of showing, attending educational events, and enjoying more time with our horses.  The pages you navigate through to complete the scavenger hunt might just come in handy for future use for you. 

“Great fun in the Scavenger Hunt – and I was introduced to many other properties of the USDF that I will further follow!” Daphne H. happily reported to us.

Theresa K. agreed, “The scavenger hunt put a smile on my face and helped show me available resources to continue learning while at home.”

“It was a great idea to increase familiarity with the website. Well done!” Cerredwyn H. said.

“Thank you for the great way to learn more about the dressage community.” Rose S. told us.

5. Bragging Rights

Want to see your name drawn in a video posted across USDF’s social media channels, announcing you as one of our winners?  In Round 1, USDF Senior Marketing Coordinator Chelsey Burris enlisted the help of her work-from-home buddy (her puppy adopted during the quarantine) to select the winners.  It could be your name that is drawn next! 

Watch the winners from Round 1 of the scavenger hunt be drawn! It could be your name drawn next!!

Perhaps Robin L. summed it up the best: “This was great fun plus I learned a lot.”

Ready to join in the fun of Round 2 of the USDF Quarantine Scavenger Hunt? Get all the details here.  Happy hunting!

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